M. Sc. Biomedical Instrumentation

Master Programme in Biomedical Instrumentation is the first of its unique kind of post graduate Biomedical engineering course focused on resource developments who are equipped to fill the gap between the Engineering & technology advancement & clinical practices.

These professionals are multidisciplinary professionals who assist clinicians & associated Professionals to adapt the rapid changing clinical engineering technologies by introducing, adapting, Training and maintaining them in the hospital environment. This is only possible with the help of a Specialized curriculum that focus on Human anatomy, physiology, Biomedical working Principles, management, Electronics, Mathematics and Information technology

Current hospitals are rich in advanced technologies that manage various equipments and instruments for medical applications .This intense understanding of the various elements enable them to Proactively plan, adapt, incorporate and manage various new techniques and technologies into the Medical  stream.

Programmes:-M.Sc. Biomedical Instrumentation

Branch:-Biomedical Instrumentation


Duration:- 2 years

Intake:-20 students per batch

Eligibility for admission:-B.Sc Degree with Instrumentation/Electronics/BMRT/Physics/Mathematics/

Computer Science/Computer Application as main or subsidiary with 50% mark.Weightage of 20% marks of the total scored will be given to the students with B.Sc Electronics or B.Sc Instrumentation degree while calculating the merit mark for admission to the course.

Career opportunities of Biomedical –clinical Professionals

  • Biomedical/ Clinical Engineers in hospitals
  • Biomedical /Clinical facility & Equipment planners in hospitals
  • Biomedical/ Clinical Application specialists with equipment suppliers
  • Biomedical/ Clinical Engineering consultants
  • Academician in Biomedical Engineering
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Medical Equipment Company Service Managers and Engineers
  • Medical Equipment Company Executives and Managers
  • Research and Development Engineers


M.App.Sc.BMI / M.Sc.BMI course was introduced in the School of Medical Education (SME),Gandhinagar,Kottayam in 1995.And our course is first of its kind in South India. Since then around 21 batches have rolled out. These students are well respected among the National and International Biomedical / Clinical Engineering community. The course is well accepted as a qualification to apply for Clinical/ Biomedical Engineering jobs. A good majority of the major hospitals/companies both Nationally and Internationally has employed a commendable number of Biomedical post graduates from our Institution.

Over a period of 2 years, it covers a vast domain of areas in Biomedical like Biophotonics and Non-Radiating Medical Imaging Techniques, BioSignal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Biomedical Equipments, Medical Imaging systems using Ionizing Radiations, Automation and Quality Control in Biomedical Engineering, Microprocessor Based System Design, Digital Electronics and Hospital Management Science, Medical Informatics etc required in the Biomedical Field. The course deals with the detailed study in the application field of Biomedical Instrumentation. Labs are equipped with the prominent diagnostic and therapeutic equipments.

The students of our department make a visit periodically to various departments of Multi Specialty hospitals during the course of their study and get a deep knowledge about the existing medical devices and instruments. A candidate may however in certain cases be permitted to work on the Project in an Industry/Hospital/Research Organization on the recommendation of the Head of the Department.