Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiological Technology BSc.(MRT)

BSc Medical Radiological Technology  BSc(MRT)  is four year professional degree course in Medical Radiology. After successful completion of the course they can work either as Radiology Technologist  or  Radiotherapy Technologist

Objectives of the course

At the end of the course the successful candidate should be

  • Able to do independently qualitatively good routine radiographic procedure.
  • Able to do special investigations under the guidance of specialist in diagnostic radiology.
  • Able to executive all routine and state of art radiographic programme as per prescription and direction of Radiation Oncologists and Physicists.
  • Able to operate and maintain all equipments used in investigative and therapy procedures.
  • Able to exercise professional skills and optimisation in all technological aspects of existing and emerging branches of Radiological and Radiotherapy practices.

Course outline

We can proudly  say that we are the pioneer in the educational field of Radiology in India. BSc(MRT) has started  at School of Medical Education (SME)  in 1993 which was the first degree programme  at Radiology  in our country. Our presence in Radiology is significantly noted all over the world where more than 700 people were graduated from SME and work as technologists in different countries and the journey still continues. The Department of Radiology, SME has an excellent faculties and General hospital Ernakulam is assigned as our parental hospital.

Radiological technology deals with the application of different types of radiations and allied tools for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Radiations of  significance  are all the ionising and non ionising radiations like the complete electromagnetic spectrum- radio waves  to cosmic radiations, ultrasound waves and particle types of atomic radiations. Besides, the use of nuclear magnetic resonance and application of various radio nuclides in medicine also form significant components. Graduates in Radiological Technology are professionals who most often work as technologist in medical institutions. Also , industry engaged in the design, manufacture, and the sale of radiological system need these graduates as application specialist. There is a great demand for these professionals in all the developed and developing countries. Hence carrier opportunities for radiological technologists will continue to be bright and rewarding in the near and distant future